An installment loan for the insulation of your home – Installment Loans

Do you want to insulate your house in time and thus meet the environmental standards? But don’t you want to strip your savings account in one go? With an installment loan you keep space in your budget and you get started right away. Thanks to Geldlenen you will find the best solution.

Work on a better environment


Insulating your home or having it insulated is a good investment . There are various options: roof and floor insulation, cavity insulation, wall insulation, better insulating windows, … With this you contribute to the environment and enjoy more living comfort and a lower energy bill . Did you know that a non-insulated roof causes 26% energy loss? (Moreover, roof insulation is compulsory in Flanders from 2020!)

Get started immediately with an installment loan

Get started immediately with an installment loan

Is it time to isolate but are you worried about your budget? Thanks to an installment loan you start immediately. And you keep space in your budget without stripping your savings account. You spread the costs by paying a fixed amount each month at a fixed interest rate . You choose the duration and monthly payment yourself. You also benefit from a sharper interest rate than with other loans.

A smart investment

A smart investment

This investment is no hassle. It pays for itself in the long term! You save enormously on your energy bill . It is of course a cost that you have to pay. Do you want to get started right away and immediately benefit from the benefits? Then a renovation loan , an installment loan is the solution. You will receive a reply to your request within 24 hours.

Important conditions


As an owner , you can take out an installment loan and benefit from a reduced rate . It is important that you can prove that you are going to isolate . You do this on the basis of invoices. Did you know that there are also renovation premiums for insulation? Ask if you qualify for this.

Borrowing money, warmly recommended

Borrowing money

Geldlenen is an independent credit adviser and therefore the ideal partner in your search for an installment loan. Credit institutions themselves choose the interest on their renovation loan. Borrowing money compares the offers of the partners and finds the cheapest offer for you . We pay attention to the amount to be borrowed, the monthly cost and the interest rate. Please note, borrowing money also costs money!

Our strengths:


  • You get the cheapest credit in our offer
  • Your request will be processed within 24 hours
  • Duration up to 120 months possible
  • We are an independent partner with 40 years of experience

You do not pay a renovation mortgage, notary fees or file costs

An installment loan is a good idea if you want to get started quickly to insulate your home. You will certainly earn back your investment. And in addition, Geldlenen provides the cheapest offer. A win-win situation! Calculate your loan online.

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