How to save part 2

Before you go to the mall to spend your paycheck, search the closets . And not just mine. Head to the parents ‘and grandparents’ lockers. Some fashion trends are repeating , so maybe your mother has been in the closet for a few years now , the new great blouse from the Paris show.

High quality pieces will last for several years



When you go shopping, don’t be tempted by the cheapest pieces . At the moment you save, but your clothes will most likely tear within a year, lose color or shape. Shop with brands that you have verified.

At the same time, it is not true that the most expensive clothing is always of the highest quality. Because you often pay for a brand. And yet the same quality fashion piece is half the cheaper in the neighboring shop.

And when you choose a quality piece, wait for sales . If you don’t need clothes acutely, hold on for a month or two. Shops store new collections and want to get rid of the old ones. So you get your desired clothes even 70% cheaper .

Bet on timeless clothing

Bet on timeless clothing


As you walk through the shopping center, add so-called basic pieces to your wardrobe . It pays to invest in them because you can be sure that they will stay in vogue for several years and easily combine them into several outfits.

No women’s wardrobe and shoe cabinet must be missing:

  • white blouse
  • case skirt
  • little black dress
  • jeans straight cut
  • jeans jacket
  • purse black or cream color
  • black and cream pumps

In the men’s wardrobe and shoe rack again not miss:

  • white t-shirt without printing
  • jeans straight cut
  • fitting suit
  • jeans jacket
  • White shirt
  • canvas trousers (chinos)
  • black or brown formal shoes

Go for second hand for fashion

Go for second hand for fashion


Not only these basic pieces can be found in second hands . Choose good quality with good goods and maybe you will come across a treasure. Or you can find a fashion piece you know you don’t want to invest in, because you won’t wear it next year.

Or put clothes that you don’t wear anymore into your second hand. You can also sell or buy it on internet auction portals . For old clothes you get money to buy a new one, and maybe someone else will make your pieces happy.

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