Chef Lorena Garcia’s Chica opens at the Venetian Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas


Chef Lorena Garcia has put her shining culinary star on the Las Vegas Strip with her new restaurant Chica. His Latin American flair and pungent flavors really spice things up at Venetian Palazzo Complex and Casino. “The healthy aspect of food is always on the back burner, so it’s important for me to respect the ingredients they come from and pay close attention to our techniques,” Garcia said. Executive Chef Mike Minor, formerly of Grill border, is at the helm of this exciting new addition to the Venetian, combining artful cooking skills with the flavors of Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina to create dishes that will dance on your palate with creativity and bold flavors. “We make handcrafted Latin American dishes that are raised, very beautiful, and very sexy,” Minor explained.

Several dishes are sure to please, including the short braised rib with asado negro which is fork-tender and has just the right amount of heat with ep Nitrogen oil and spicy pickled onions adding a nice contrast to the dish. . Brazilian beef tenderloin is slowly roasted over Brazilian rodizio, ensuring layers of succulent flavor. Mac con queso is a deliciously creamy, rich texture Latin American version of macaroni and cheese with Peruvian corn, hearts of palm and spinach in a cream of Parmesan gratin.

All of this lively and delicious food needs a good libation, and Chica’s Old Fashioned Rum, made with Agricole Rum, Mexican Coca Reduction, and Orange Bitter is an innovative take on a classic cocktail. Or consider the “Some Like It Hot” becoming the staple food Margarita on his head with Espolon Reposado, lime juice, papaya jam and Scotch Bonnet peppers to warm him up.

With this extremely well-executed menu, served with skill and passion, there is something that is sure to please everyone at your dinner party. The many small plates and attractive prices allow everyone the freedom to step outside their culinary boundaries while embracing new tastes and textures from one of the best Latino chefs on this side of the border. Chica is now open for lunch and dinner daily as well as weekend brunches. For more information, visit their website.

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