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The district is reconfirmed as one of the main commercial assets with many investors ready to bet on it; there are around thirty new openings (out of the 250 places). A commercial boost that can count on tens of thousands of visitors per day

A long walk is enough to realize it Buenos Aires brand investors are back. Dozens of closures caused by the pandemic and by the dozen are behind us confinement
. Sales seasons reduced to the bone and months of deadlock to which the demonstrations of no vax contributed and the loss of foreign customers, essential to turnover. Corso Buenos Aires, a few days ago decorated with Christmas lights, reconfirms itself as one of the main assets of Milanese shopping with many brands ready to bet on it: around thirty openings in the most disparate product sectors (out of 250 windows overlooking the Corso) have turned around after a period of repeated sales of activities. Many for rent are no longer there and between Porta Venezia and Loreto there is a lot of work going on for a later reopening.. just under a year was enough to revive the lowered shutters to which exhibitors who failed to overcome the pandemic had to go. Now the journey is set for a new phase, with Christmas shopping gaining momentum and giving hope to tens of thousands of potential customers every day.

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Among the novelties global brands like Nike are on the way (in the old Courts of Baires, undergoing renovation) and dozens of small shops more or less well-known brands, which have always been the driving force behind a neighborhood that turns the page, demonstrating the renewed ability to attract capital. In the new Buenos Aires, the street food sector (in particular the piadinerie) coexists with very recent openings like that of second Milanese flagship store of Giochi Precious, inaugurated a few days ago. About ten stores opened in the clothing sector, of the two Fusaro windows (chain arriving from Naples) at the Doppelganger point of sale in Lima. In the sluggish food sector, the piadinerie with three openings dominates, in addition to a historic pastry shop like Venchi, which opened last May, and a hamburger store. Among the works in progress are those of Swarovski (costume jewelry) and Lush (eco-responsible cosmetics with new spaces at 53), while Fielmann (optical), Petit Bateau, Bleu Libellule, Ceramiques de Thun and various single-brand clothing brands are already in business.

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We are a European level retail business district – he says Gabriel Meghnagi, president of the Confcommercio Milan streets association – and the openings of new stores more than made up for the closures. This confirms that Buenos Aires with its side streets remains an attractive place for both international brands and retail stores that have decided to invest here. Among the other recent openings there is also a store (on the corner with via Francesco Redi) of the Portobello chain with 450 square meters on two levels. Right in front of the Roman society’s outlet, the building next to Muji remains empty, which a banking institution has yet to put back on the market. In the near future of the course, the renewal of the piazzale Loreto also plays an important role with the Loreto Open Community project of the real estate company Nhood, winner last May of the international call C40 Reinventing Cities launched by the municipality of Milan. Among the main interventions, 500 large trees that will participate in the Forestami plan. For Meghnagi, even in a very difficult phase, the district of Buenos Aires has shown its capacity for resilience and we are now witnessing dozens of new openings of all types of goods. All the more reason why we now wish to maintain a close dialogue with Palazzo Marino to identify the best viability solutions on the course, protecting the traders. The hotel sector also has something new in store with the opening of a four-star NH hotel brand with 101 rooms and suites. obtained from an old residential building near piazzale Loreto with the opening scheduled for next year.

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