North West Square | Therme revamps £250m Trafford Park resort plans

New plans for Therme Manchester are expected to be submitted this summer. Credit: via rule 5

Julia Hatter

Construction of Therme Manchester is now set to begin in 2023, when the wellness center and water park were originally due to be operational.

Planning permission for Therme Group’s original Therme Manchester proposal was granted in 2020 by Trafford Council. However, Therme has chosen to redesign the Trafford Park program to bolster its sustainability credentials.

The new plans, due to be submitted this summer, include a multi-storey car park near Trafford Palazzo, ‘living’ waterslides and an expanded 2.5-acre wellness garden with a hydroponic vertical farm.

“The Covid period has given us the opportunity to update the design of Therme Manchester to create an even more sustainable, engaging and accessible experience with profound benefits for the health and well-being of all,” said Stelian Iacob , Senior Vice President of Therme Group and Managing Director of Therme Group UK.

New biodiversity initiatives also include the planting of more than 1,500 trees and the creation of rooftop beehives that will supply honey to the resort’s restaurants as well as for its wellness treatments.

To reduce the amount of steel needed in the building, the redesign includes double curvature roofs. Having a separate multi-storey car park should also reduce the amount of excavation required for construction, as the original approved plans called for parking under the complex. Therme said that by decreasing excavation requirements, the environmental impact of the project would be reduced.

Therme Manchester CGI 2022 A, Therme Group, P Rule 5

If approved, Therme Manchester will open around 2025. Credit: via Rule 5

Therme Manchester would include an all-weather urban beach and multiple “welltech” experiences, including a snow room, oxygen rooms and multi-sensory showers. The water park portion of the resort is also said to have the world’s first living water slides, according to Therme. These water slides would have a 3D-printed superstructure that features thousands of plants.

A visitor and education centre, which would organize events on sustainability and nature, is also proposed.

Therme Manchester is expected to take two years to build. The project is developed in partnership with Peel L&P.

James Whittaker, Executive Director of Development at Peel, expressed enthusiasm for the program.

“We are proud to work in partnership with Therme Group to develop this exceptional wellness resort in TraffordCity,” he said.

“Therme Manchester will lead the way in health and wellbeing and with the updated plans now including the UK’s first all-weather urban beach and the world’s first living waterslides, we are delighted to continue working with Therme Manchester to deliver this innovative health and wellness experience. in TraffordCity, the UK’s leading shopping, leisure and shopping destination.

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